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Prime Ministers Question Time - Anaglyph Edition

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Prime Ministers Question Time - Anaglyph Edition

2 Colour Screenprint on heavy white stock

Edition of 23

59.4 x 42 cm

Signed and numbered

This is the third print from his experimental 3D Stereoscopic Collection.

The collection is printed by Chu at the Jacknife & Mark My Words silkscreen print house in the centre of Bristol.

It was originally painted on a billboard hoisted 20ft in the air in Shangri-La at Glastonbury Festival 2016. When the lights changed colour the second, hidden phrase became visible to the audience. This printed phrase has the other version visible through the left (red) eye.


Now is the chance to own the dual print yourself, featuring his font HARIAL.

This print will demonstrate the magic of the 3D printing technique and buying into the stereoscopic collection supports the manufacture and creation of more 3D goodness.

They arrive with two pairs of cardboard glasses for your viewing pleasure.

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