Hell Road - ShangrilART
Stanley Donwood

Hell Road

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Giclee Print on Somerset Velvet

64.5 cm x 83cm

Limited edition of 25, signed and numbered.

"Entering Shangri La is like stumbling into a netherworld of mental disorientation, peopled by all the people your parents warned you about and then some other strange fiends that they had never dreamed of unless they'd been eating the yellow snow. And it's a demented gallery, a visual cornucopia that's been forced through both the filters of Blade Runner and of a Mediaeval bacchanal, crammed with the kind of art that would have the perpetrators thrown out of art college while their tutors go howling into the nearest asylum. There are some great bars too.

Which is why I was desperate to be involved. I pestered the organisers (once I'd found out where they hid - a scrapyard in a part of Bristol I never knew existed) until they reluctantly let me have a go. I mashed up a version of the old TV test card with a drawing of a pointy-toothed bear. I'd originally drawn the bear to entertain my children in the ghastly hours before dawn, so it seemed quite appropriate." Stanley Donwood


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